Men's Luxury Russian Watches

Russian Watches

Russian watches are known worldwide to deliver excellence in function and style. If you’re online shopping for a well-made Russian watch, R2AWatches invites you to take a closer look at our unique collection. You’ll find great deals on our Russian watches, manufactured explicitly for divers, pilots, and for dress wear.

European Manufacturing With Russian Movement

One of the most requested watch brands we hear about on R2AWatches is the prestigious Vostok-Europe name. We receive a lot of communication from customers asking whether we carry Vostok-Europe watches- and we’re proud to let our shoppers know that we not only carry them, but we offer a fantastic selection in both aviation and diving styles.

Vostok-Europe uses the most exceptional Russian movement to create quality, stylish watches for dress and casual occasions. Browse Our inventory to find these limited editions from Vostok-Europe:

  • Expedition North Pole
  • Radio Room Automatic
  • Ekranoplan Caspian Sea Monster
  • Limousine Alltimer with Trigalights
  • Anchor Men's Diver
  • GAZ-Limo
  • Almaz Automatic
  • N1 Rocket Chronograph
  • Mriya AnaDigi
  • 49mm Energia Automatic
  • Jurgis Kairys
  • And many, many more

Class Style For Every Day and Special Days

You’ll find a Vostok-Europe watch that is perfect for the person you’re shopping for. There are many styles, color combinations, and functions to choose from on our website. If you need assistance finding or selecting the right product, give us a call and ask for additional information on our Russian watches.

A True Russian Manufactured Watch

Sturmanskie Gagarin continues to be our top selling Russian watch- and it’s easy to see why- quality is crafted into every detail of these watches. The unconventional design of Sturmanskie Gagarin watches will draw you in to take a closer look; its features hold your attention long enough to make you better understand what has set them apart as watch-makers. Feel free to look through our Russian watches inventory to see the following products from Sturmanskie Gagarin:

  • Commemorative Limited Edition Mechanical
  • Vintage Classic Automatic
  • Stingray 300 Meter Pro Dive
  • Manual Wind Chronograph
  • Flagship Column-Wheel Chronograph
  • Traveller Chrono Quartz
  • Russian Mechanic Moonphase
  • Open Space
  • Galaxy Lady’s Quartz
  • And Numerous Others

We carry an impressive selection of Sturmanskie Russian watches for pilots and divers, as well as for casual and dress wear. Click on the Sturmanskie Gagarin name to browse pages upon pages of quality watches made by the Russian watch manufacturing giant.

Shop Our Clearance Section

For deep discounts on Russian watches, European-made watches, military watches, sports watches, moon phase mechanical watches, and time-pieces for adventurers, click ‘Clearance’ to see what is currently available. We sell samples and imperfect products as well as new old stock, offering incredibly low prices on quality, well-made watches from many top brands.

Once a clearance item is gone, we won’t carry it again in our inventory. Take advantage of discounts up to thousands of dollars off  the regular price these watches were initially listed for.