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ChronoBux is R2AWatches membership rewards program. We found there are very few, if any, programs like this from watch retailers and manufacturers in North America.

At R2A we want our customers to feel like they are a part of the community of R2A watch fans. Our Facebook group Vostok-Europe Timepieces bit.ly/JOINVET is the best place to become a real part of that community.

And ChronoBux is the best way to benefit from our community.

For every dollar spent on R2A you get 5% of the order value in ChronoBux. You can use the points to exchange for cool swag and other items, even watches.

It’s simple to join. As soon as you sign up for an account on R2A you automatically start collecting ChronoBux with your first purchase. All registered customers are automatically a member of ChronoBux even if you never intend to use your points.

Some basic things to know:

  • You must be a registered customer at R2AWatches.com to earn ChronoBux
  • ChronoBux is NOT a currency and cannot ever be exchanged for cash to purchase items elsewhere.
  • You must be logged in to earn ChronoBux on your purchase. If you checkout as a “GUEST” you will not be rewarded points.
  • If you want to have more than one of the same rewards item from ChronoBux they must be added to the cart one at a time. This is just a technical glitch we couldn’t find a work around for.

    Check out the ChronoBux Category

And, as always…
Keep Watching!
Craig and Abe