R2A ChronoBux

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For every dollar spent on R2A you get 5% of the order value in ChronoBux. You can use the points to exchange for cool swag and other items, even watches.

It’s simple to join. As soon as you sign up for an account on R2A you automatically start collecting ChronoBux with your first purchase. All registered customers are automatically a member of ChronoBux even if you never intend to use your points.

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  • Sturmanskie Gagarin Coasters

    Sturmanskie Gagarin Coasters

  • Tsikolia Baseball Cap

    Tsikolia Baseball Cap

  • Pramzius Baseball-Cap

    Pramzius Baseball-Cap

  • Aviator WW1 Era Pilots Helmet

    Aviator WW1 Era Pilots Helmet

  • Russian Aircraft

    Russian Aircraft

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