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Vostok-Europe, based in Vilnius, Lithuania, builds watches for going to extremes.

Vostok-Europe watches are ready to help you create your own adventures and reach your goals as they are some of the most durable watches on the market.

Vostok-Europe men’s watches are able to handle all types of extreme conditions as they are designed for the most extreme sports. They have tested racing watches in the Dakar Rally; known as one of the most intense car races in the world. They have also tested space watches at the edge of the earth’s atmosphere and beyond into the depths of space. There is really no better durable watch a man can buy than Vostok-Europe.

Every Vostok-Europe watch is constructed using only the highest quality materials you'd expect to find in much higher priced luxury dress watches. Our rugged watches are affordable, yet they are durable enough to withstand the most rigorous conditions you can throw at them. Just some of the Vostok-Europe watch styles we offer include: