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Inspired by and named for one of the greatest Russian aviators of all time, the Nesterov line combines affordability, great styling and Russian heritage with great piloting timepieces. 

Russian pilot, aircraft technical designer and aerobatics pioneer Pyotr Nikolayevich Nesterov’s defied expectations when he flew the first recorded loop in a Nieuport IV monoplane. Initially arrested for "endangering Soviet property", Nesterov was freed when word of his feat spread and his popularity soared.
Nesterov also brought down the first aircraft ever in battle as well (depicted in picture) by ramming another plane mid-air. The successful attack unfortunately ended in Nesterov's death as well, as his plane crashed due to damage from the attack. But he proved his theory that warplanes could be taken down in air-to-air combat.
Nesterov watches carry on the legacy of this great aviator in their stunning line of pilot watches.

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