The New Ocean Crawler Decompression Divers: A Dive into Elegance, Precision, and Functionality

Posted by Abe Weiss on Oct 4th 2023

The New Ocean Crawler Decompression Divers: A Dive into Elegance, Precision, and Functionality

Diving enthusiasts, hold onto your fins! Ocean Crawler has just unveiled its newest Decompression Diver watches available in three breathtaking colors. And guess what? Only 100 of each color will ever grace our wrists. Let's plunge into the depths of these fascinating timepieces.

Understanding the Decompression Timer

Before we embark on our underwater journey, it's essential to understand the purpose of the Decompression Timer. At its core, the timer serves as an essential tool for divers, indicating the required decompression stops during a dive. The importance of such a feature cannot be stressed enough. It ensures the diver's safety, making certain they don't surface too quickly, which can lead to decompression sickness.

Using the Decompression Timer: A Deep Dive

1. Check Your Depth:
Begin by referring to the four concentric indicator rings on the watch, with each corresponding to a specific dive depth. To determine your dive depth, look at the scale positioned at 12 o'clock. The depths are shown in meters to the left and their equivalent in feet to the right. Planning to dive 25 meters/85 feet? Use the designated ring. Venturing to 30 meters/100 feet? Simply adjust your reference ring.

2. Understanding Decompression Time:
Once your depth is set, move to the decompression times displayed around your chosen depth ring. Remember, the deeper and longer you dive, the more decompression time you'll need. The watch's timer will guide you through the necessary stops based on your total underwater duration.

3. Timing Your Dive:
As you dive, set the minute hand to 12, using it to gauge your underwater journey's length. When it's time for a decompression stop, use the rotating bezel. Align the required decompression time numeral on the bezel (say, 20 for a 20-minute stop) with the minute hand. Once the minute hand aligns with the 12 o'clock luminescent marker, you can safely return to the surface.

A Limited Edition Masterpiece

With only 100 pieces available for each color, these watches aren't just instruments; they're collectors' items. The timepieces are driven by a Swiss-made Sellita SW200-1 movement, known for its precision. Boasting a beat rate of 28,800 vibrations and a robust 40-hour power reserve, this watch is more than just a pretty face; it's a testament to superior craftsmanship.

Rigorously Tested for Ultimate Underwater Adventures

Every Decompression Timer has undergone intensive testing, ensuring its resilience against pressures far exceeding those at 2000 feet deep. Whether you're into water sports, scuba diving, spearfishing, or the allure of ocean-bed exploration, the Core Diver is your ultimate underwater companion.

A Confluence of Beauty and Durability

Constructed with an all Sapphire Crystal design (covering both the crystal and bezel), each watch promises a blend of beauty and ruggedness. Furthermore, every timepiece comes elegantly mounted on a stainless steel mesh bracelet. But for those who desire a change or prefer a more sporty look, an additional rubber strap is included.

In conclusion, the Ocean Crawler Decompression Divers aren't just watches; they're an ode to the adventurous spirit, the beauty of the oceans, and the timeless allure of precise engineering. Secure yours before they swim away!

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