Seiko x Honda Super Cub Watch: A Unique Collaboration Celebrating an Iconic Motorcycle

Posted by Abe Weiss on May 10th 2023

Seiko x Honda Super Cub Watch: A Unique Collaboration Celebrating an Iconic Motorcycle


Seiko and Honda have joined forces to create a limited-edition timepiece that pays homage to the iconic Super Cub motorcycle, one of the most produced motorcycles in history. This special collaboration offers a unique opportunity for watch and motorcycle enthusiasts alike to celebrate the enduring legacy of the Honda Super Cub. In this blog post, we'll look at this exceptional timepiece's details and design elements. 

The Honda Super Cub: A Legendary Motorcycle

First introduced in 1958, the Honda Super Cub has captured the hearts of motorcycle fans worldwide. Known for its simplicity, reliability, and affordability, the Super Cub has become one of Honda's most representative creations. In 2017, the total production of the series exceeded a staggering 100 million units, a testament to its enduring popularity and significance in the world of motorcycles.

Design Features Inspired by the Super Cub

The Seiko/Honda Super Cub watch masterfully incorporates the design elements of the motorcycle into the timepiece. The dial features the silhouette of the Super Cub as seen from the front, capturing the essence of the motorcycle's iconic design. The indexes on the dial represent the headlights and blinkers, further emphasizing the connection between the watch and the Super Cub.

A Limited-Edition Timepiece

This collaboration watch is a limited edition of 6,000 pieces, making it a sought-after collector's item for watch and motorcycle enthusiasts. The case back of the watch proudly displays the Super Cub emblem, along with the words "LIMITED EDITION" and the serial number, ranging from 0001/6000 to 6000/6000.


The Seiko/Honda Super Cub watch is a unique and remarkable tribute to the iconic Honda Super Cub motorcycle. Its design elements and limited production make it a must-have timepiece for Seiko watches and Honda motorcycle fans. Take advantage of the opportunity to own a piece of history celebrating the enduring legacy of the Honda Super Cub, a genuine motorcycle icon.

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