Pramzius Iron Wolf Watch Detailed Overview

Posted by Craig Hester on Sep 7th 2021

Pramzius Iron Wolf Watch Detailed Overview

Hey everybody. Craig Hester here with and today the Pram Z as watch company. We have a very special show today. We are going to do the first deep dive into the Iron Wolf, the new watch in development. My the [inaudible] biggest watch company, our own in house brand. If you are watching this on youtube be sure and hit like and subscribe. If you're watching this on Facebook you want to join the closed group on Facebook Voss Doc, your up time pieces. It is the home of so many fans of our watches and all the watches that we who share wrist shots and all of their excitement about the different watches that they have in their collection and it's a great place to be. If you want to learn more about the as I said today we are talking about the iron wolf. That is the newest watch and development from the Pram CEUs watch company [inaudible] is our own brand. 

We started at about three years ago. We are now actually in development on our third watch. We launched successfully with our first watch, which was the Trans Siberian, which was based on an old Russian pocketwatch. Uh, it was designed to be worn as a watch on the wrist, a pocket watch for the risk, but could also be used. It came with a fobs so you could use it as a pocketwatch when also came with this really cool wouldn't stand so you could have it as a desk clock. So it had three potential options and then the hugely successful. And we want to say thank you to everybody who made it. So Berlin Wall follow the Berlin Wall Watch, which has actual pieces of the Berlin Wall and the crown. And that's a whole other story. But that watch is actually still available at [inaudible] dot com although we don't have many left there, just about all gone.

Uh, and then we decided to launch into the Iron Wolf, which was based on a story we fell in love with many years ago and it always wanted to do some kind of watch around the theme of the Iron Wolf. Now before I get into all the mystical and modern military might, there's some illiteration for you that are tied into the inspiration of this watch. I'm going to give you a quick tour of the five styles that are available and the specs of the watch. Then we'll get into more about the actual uh, inspiration. For those of you who don't know [inaudible] our own brand is named for the Baltic ruler of time, which was the, um, from the Pantheon of Baltic gods, which they had just like the Romans had gods and the Greek had Greeks had gods. During that time period there was a pantheon of Baltic gods and prams.

CEUs is an, is actually inspired with a slight spelling change of the name of that God. And we felt like that was a good fit for us cause we've been importing watches for many, many years from eastern Europe and Russia. And we actually do our best to make sure that every watch we build with [inaudible] has at least some connection to one of the countries that border the Baltic Sea. So let me give you, this is our first by the way, military time peace. And those of you who have seen our own, our existing [inaudible] watches know that this is quite different. We do not try to build our watches with a specific uh, uh, style DNA. We make every watch, we want, every watch to be an event and we start completely from scratch and build watches that look actually quite different from one another. So let me quickly give you the specs on this first.

I'm going to go through the five dials that are available. This is a true carbon fiber dial and this is with the brushed black PVD plating and we have two versions of the watch with a full moon dial. And it's also a sandwich, a true military sandwich dial. So there are two dials there. These two dials are fully luminous. So that gives you a full room option. And you're going to see here that there are two movement option two movement options. Easy for me to say the eight to seven, which is the Miata, open-heart, automatic mechanical, and then the six x 21, which is the Miata courts chronograph. And then the other two options. And you're going to go, wait, I thought this was a military, well, well it is, but we're harkening back for those of you who've been [inaudible] fans of what we've been doing for many, many years, you are familiar with the brand soft Dra, uh, which we had out a literally one execution was built or the brands after.

And then we moved on to [inaudible] as, as our next brand. But one of the things about after was we came up with the idea of military meets elegant so that you could have a true military watch, but it also could be something when you want to wear your, your, your, your dress blues, um, or you just want to have something that you can wear out on a night on the town. But it still has those military aspects that you like. And one of the things that we do that with his mother of Pearl, this is smoke mother. Pearl. I just love the name in and of itself. Smoke mother Pearl. That just to me is so evocative of everything that is the iron wolf and what it's all about and again this has both executions. It has the open heart, automatic and the success 21 chronograph, so those are the five dials.

Now I'm going to take the, let's see, let's use the open heart, the open-heart automatic with the full moon dial. To give you a quick rundown of the specs of the watch. It is a 44 millimeter time piece that puts it in and kind of that goldilocks place. It is not a big watch is not a small watch. It is kind of one of those that could fit pretty much anybody interested. You know if you, if you're like smaller watches, you can stretch up to a 44 if you like larger watches, a 44 is still certainly acceptable. In fact, I will tell you one of the toughest design decisions that we make when we start building watches is what sizes that's going to be because it's hard to please everybody if not impossible these days. There's a group of people who love smaller watches and wanting to go back more to the traditional sizes and there's guys particularly in our base of customers who really still love very big watches.

We went with 44 on this. We originally had planned to have this be a 46 millimeter time piece, but we found as we brought all the components together, they just didn't fit right. It looked Kinda clunky but when we went to the 44 millimeter size, everything just flowed together. This watch has a really, really sweet flow in terms of the of the, of the total of the watch, oh it is a sapphire crystal. It is 10 ATM. We make no pretense that this is a dive watch but it is 10 ATM is certainly sufficient for a military grade time piece and as 120 click unidirectional rotation, rotating Bezel for elapsed time function in case you did want to use it in some kind of a a circumstance and of course you can use a unidirectional rotating bezel for lapsed time function for things other than diving.

It's not like the only purpose of them is for diving. Okay. In terms of the case back, if it is the chronograph movement, it is a solid case back and I'm gonna explain what that really cool design is right there. A little bit later in the presentation. Again, I'm going through every aspect of the iron wolf in this presentation. Um, if you are getting the automatic with the open heart, you're going to get sapphire crystal on the back as well. You're going to get the imagery there as well where it says inspired by the legend of the Iron Wolf, three surgical grade, stainless steel. Of course we wouldn't use anything less than surgical grade. It is 12 millimeters thick. Again, not an oversized watch. Uh, the bracelet is a solid, every single link is 100% solid. There are no folded links in here including the end links.

It has your standard safety class for sport because of course this is a military grade time piece and it gives you the micro adjustments. So those are the basic specs of the watch. We can go into more details later if I, if I left anything out. But that gives you a basic idea of what the watch is all about. Now I want to get back to the inspiration as I mentioned earlier and I am going to talk about this really cool packaging and these great leather straps you see here. I will get to that as I mentioned earlier, uh, for prams CEUs, which is named for the Baltic God of time. We want, or at least we're going to try to have every inspiration that the watches are tied to be tied to one of the nine countries that happens to border the Baltic Sea. In this case, one of them is Lithuania.

If you've been following us for years, you know, we've been doing, uh, business in Lithuania with our brothers and sisters there for many years and that is actually how we came upon this really cool story of the Iron Wolf. And we fell in love with this great mythology around this story and said many, many years ago that we wanted to build a watch, that the inspiration would start with the iron wolf. Also beyond the iron wolf story from Lithuania. Uh, the, this watch is the official watch of the wolf fighting vehicle, which is the infantry fighting vehicle for Lithuania's ground forces. So there are actually two things at play and that's part of why I became a military watch. But there is a military to a degree feel to the, to the history of the Iron Wolf. So I'm gonna give you the probably the shortest version of that story you'll ever, you'll ever hear a grand dude get him in.

He's roughly 720 years ago. That's why we have this at a 720 limited edition. We don't know exactly what year this happened, but roughly 720 years ago, he stopped by the villain, the river after a successful day of hunting. And He fell into a deep sleep during that sleep, he had a of a great iron wolf who was standing on top of a hill and he was bathing with the strength of a hundred wolves. And he woke and he thought about this dream and it had such an impact on him. He went to his priest and he asked him to tell him what the dream meant and the priest interpreted this to mean that get them in ease would found a great city along the Willner river. He would build a great castle there and he would become the ruler of what would become a the Lithuanian lands and that is the where the original story of the Iron Wolf comes from.

And now I mentioned the, the etching on the case back, not surprisingly such an amazingly cool story is part of all of Lithuanian lore and it is a big symbol in Lithuania. In fact, if you're there and you're shopping around, there's tee shirts everywhere with the iron wolf on it, little figurines of the Iron Wolf. It is, it is ingrained into Lithuanian culture. We created our own custom artwork that was inspired by the standard bearer artwork that Lithuania uses to display the image of the iron wolf. This is our own custom art work on the back and it does say in there inspired by the legend of the iron wolf and that is etched on the glass on the automatic version. And it is etched on the stainless steel and the chronograph version. And, and I apologize, it's hard with the bracelets on here to get the really good close of the case backs, but you get the idea here as I as I'm getting in there.

Um, so you've got a two fold inspiration going on here. You've got the, the ancient mythology of the iron wolf, which is tied to the rich history that is Lithuania. By the way, if you haven't been to Vilnius Lithuania, it is a beautiful town. I've been there many times now. I love that city. It is not a place that is often thought of when you think of the, of the standard and common places to go in Europe. But I'm telling you, you will have a wonderful time if you visit, visit Vilnius. Um, I have always, always enjoyed every time I went there. Um, it's not that expensive. It has all the other, it has all the things that other great European cities offer, but not as crowded and not as expensive. You should definitely go anyway, enough of a commercial for Vilnius, Lithuania there. Um, and then you have the modern inspiration, which is the wolf fighting vehicle.

In fact, this [inaudible] Volkist, which means wolf and Lithuanian. This logo that's on the dial, that is the actual logo of the wolf fighting vehicle, uh, which is the official infantry fighting vehicle for Lithuanians, NATO ground forces Europe. Now, um, the other key aspect of that is that we made this into a military watch because of that. Now again, I feel like with, you know, you're talking about grand Duke and Minis and he's founding a city. There's, you know, kind of a military tie to that as well. But really the military aspect of this is more got to do with the fighting vehicle. And if you look at a lot of the, of the design touches that we put in here, the sub dials are designed to be like the sites from a gun. Um, we have a site on the second hand, on the sweep second hand for the chronograph, a same sites, a function, a look, and they're not functional.

I mean, except for they spin, but they're not sites. But the same look as on the automatic, uh, open-heart mechanical side. The crown is designed to look like a gun turret and one of the touches that we really like, which shows very big shows the best really on this, uh, on the, on the carbon fiber version is that the, uh, the indicators on the, on the unidirectional rotating Bezel are cut to look like the teeth of the wolf. So there's a lot of little things that went into the design elements of this that tie back to both the original inspiration of the iron wolf legend and the Lithuanian infantry fighting vehicle. Now what comes with the package when you get the whole package? I'm first of all, I want to give a quick shout out to um, I want to give a shout out to those of you who have already pre-ordered and I want to say a big thank you cause I know you ordered a while back and you're waiting for this watch to get into production and we're moving as quickly as we can.

Those original people, you're going to get something extra special for us from us when the time comes to thank you for your patience as we've been putting together the plan to get the watch actually produced. And we are hoping to start production very soon. So I want to throw that out there. I think I mentioned earlier, but if I didn't know when I mentioned again rich Flores with the watch Broadfoot and the great photos he took of the watches, he's got a review coming up. We've got a review coming up in micro brand watch world and we're also going to be at micro lux in Chicago and they're going to be doing a review. I've been prattling on so long about the watch now in this show. I don't remember if I said that already, but I wanted to definitely share that. Uh, and a big thanks to everybody at boss stuck your up time pieces who've been so supportive.

Uh, as we've developed this watch and their feedback and so forth, it's just been awesome. So when you get the watch, it's gonna come with. One of the things we decided is that the package in this watch is going to include the bracelet. We're not making the bracelet in upsell, so the main package is going to come with the bracelet. It's also gonna come with a matching NATO. I didn't, I don't have every single one here, but it's a matching color. NATO to go with the watch that is in w with the camouflage on the NATO and then it's going to come with one of these amazing leather straps handmade by Constantine, who is our the strap Lord himself. And let me tell you folks as he would say, yes, they are delicious. These are handmade straps. You're going to get to pick one to go with the watch.

Now we did them in two styles. One where the, uh, this, this is a canvas upper on top of the leather here, one where the art is a little more subtle. We just got the head of the wolf from the logo and Velkas on one side and we're calling that the infantry version of the leather strap. And then the other version of the bun leather strap, we've got bilkis fully spelled out. The head of the wolf is a little bigger. And then we have this image of an infantry, uh, uh, an infantry soldier on the other side and we're calling this the infantry version. So you get to pick one of those and you could buy the additional, by the way, at a very affordable price because if you've ever gotten a custom strap from Constantine's who's are by the way, custom handmade straps, you know that they run $100 and up.

Um, but we're offering the second at a very affordable price and then they're all going to come in this really, really cool packaging. We are so proud of the packaging. By the way, the packaging on this, one of the things that took us a long time that's not going to fit in that screen. One of the things that took us, that took us one of the longest to put together in terms of what we wanted with this entire package for the iron wolf is we really had an idea in our head of what the packaging needed to be like. My thought, everybody's thought here was we wanted something that uh, would look like. Uh, a soldier could just toss it into their duffel bag and it would be a part of their equipment. So this is a soft sided canvas bound suede leather interior double watch holder case that's going to come with the watch with

the camouflage on the canvas, easy open with the zip in the front. Additional straps will be here and then it will come with the watch on one side and your additional strap on the other. But it's a great, great piece of packaging if you want to use it as a, as a portable watch carrier, a travel pack. It's a great travel box to carry two watches. And I like the fact that it's soft side. So it's gonna you know, fit in your duffle. How are your carry on so easily. So we love the packaging on this. One of the little touch that we added because this is a military watch. Instead of doing a regular hang tag and paper, uh, we are actually doing the hang tag as a dog tag. And on there it says name Wolf, iron type military assignment, Wolf IFV for infantry fighting vehicle unit, prams, Ias.

And then it has the skew number of the watch. So there's a lot of little great touches in this watch. The dial work is fantastic. I do want to point out that all of these are prototypes. So if you saw some scratches or some imperfections on there, that's because these are actual prototypes. Uh, one thing I didn't mention, uh, I need to point out, we are total loom nuts at Ramsey's. Our loom is off the hook. We use 15 silkscreen individual silkscreen layers of loom and our, our watches truly light up the night with our, with our super and we only use Swiss made true Super Luminova and our watches. And obviously the loom is also on the unidirectional rotating Bezel. I could talk all day about this watch. I love the Iron Wolf. Uh, again, we are getting close to starting production. If you want to get the best, uh, preorder price, uh, you need to reach out to us right away because we are going to be closing off those preorders uh, very, very soon. Uh, so that is the prams, IOUs, iron wolf coming in late 2019, maybe early 2020, uh, the, the latest watch in development from [inaudible] watch company, our own brand and archway We thank you. We know this has been a long video and we appreciate your taking the time and until next time, keep watching.