R2AWatches Watch Warranty

Every watch sold on R2AWatches* comes with a two-year North American limited warranty. This warranty is valid only at R2AWatches and through the Detente Watch Group.

The warranty covers the mechanical functions of the watch, such as timekeeping, date function (if applicable), function of the hands, etc. The warranty does NOT cover wear items, such as the crystal, crown, strap, bracelet, etc.

This warranty is valid from the date of purchase and NOT from when the watch is first worn. If a watch is bought and sits in a drawer for 2 years without being worn and then is worn and a problem is discovered, it will NOT be covered under the warranty.

Excessive wear, improper use or opening of the watch case will automatically void the warranty.

Warranty service MUST be done at our authorized repair facility here in Connecticut. Please contact us via info@r2awatches.com or 877-486-7865 before sending your watch to us for repair. All watches submitted for warranty repair MUST include the original proof of purchase. This is non-negotiable.

Please do NOT contact the watch manufacturer as they will simply refer you back to us.

Our goal is to turn around all warranty repair as quickly as possible. This usually takes three to four weeks. But please note that if we have to get special parts or the issue is quite complicated, repairs can take up to 3 months some times.

We also are happy to repair watches from our brands that are outside of warranty. However, the cost will be fully covered by the owner of the watch and we will gladly offer an estimate before repairs are completed.