Holiday Shopping – Buying a Watch for the Men in Your Life

Dec 5th 2019

While smartphones make it easy and convenient to check the time, many men still appreciate the timeless class and traditional style that a high-quality wristwatch offers. This holiday season, watches can make the best holiday gifts for men. However, finding the right watch can be challenging. With some brands offering high-quality watches at varying price points, narrowing down your options for holiday gifts can seem quite daunting.

Russian watches offer the best of both worlds when it comes to quality and affordability. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to buy high-quality watches for the men in your life. Whether you’re looking for something elegant for black-tie occasions or something more rugged that can stand up to life in the outdoors, the leading Russian watchmakers have something for everyone, and you can find them all at R2A Watches.

Watches Make Great Gifts

Finding the right gift for every person on your holiday shopping list can be difficult. Watches are often overlooked, but they are a piece to cherish because they are so personal. A wristwatch is a convenient way to keep track of time, looks great with a variety of outfits, and can be a useful tool in many situations, such as outdoor excursions or while traveling. If you haven’t considered buying watches as holiday gifts in the past, think carefully about the men in your life and how they enjoy spending their time. They would likely appreciate the heartfelt gift of a high-quality watch for special occasions or just simple everyday use.

Watches are fantastic gifts because it’s easy to find one to match virtually any kind of personality. Whether you’re buying a watch for someone who appreciates the rugged outdoors or a hyper-modern tech-junkie, you’re sure to find one to please at R2A Watches.

Why Buy from R2A Watches?

R2A offers wristwatches from the leading Russian and European watchmakers at very competitive price points. When it comes to holiday shopping, it’s important to stick to your budget without skimping on quality, and R2A Watches offers the best Russian watches from leading designers at a fraction of the price of many other leading watchmaker brands. R2A Watches also offers convenient financing options so you can find the perfect holiday gifts for the men in your life without breaking the bank. If you’re wondering how to pick a men’s watch for a holiday gift, start by looking at the Russian watch brands available from R2A Watches.

Finding the Right Watch

If you want to buy watches for the men in your life this holiday season, start by considering their personality types, their personal styles, and how they enjoy spending their time. Finding the right watches to complement their personalities and lifestyles will show them that you care about them and want to give them functional, high-quality gifts. R2A offers the best quality watches from leading designers that fit all types of lifestyles.

Vostok-Europe Watches

Vostok-Europe is a perfect example of professional and artistic collaboration between Lithuanian watchmakers and the leading Russian watch manufacturer Vostok. Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, Vostok-Europe creates some of the most stunning timepieces on the market. You can find incredible gift potential in the R2A Watches catalog of Vostok-Europe models:

  • The Vostok-Europe Energia 2 is an incredible example of Vostok-Europe’s dedication to quality. Featuring a bold and aggressive face, the Energia 2 comes with a set of customization tools so your gift recipient can enjoy the perfect fit. The bulletproof and 300-meter water-resistant Energia 2 comes with three straps: stainless steel, fine leather, and silicone, so the man who receives it can customize it to his liking. The Energia 2 also incorporates tritium tube technology to ensure constant illumination. This watch is built for extremes and offers incredible performance during any activity.
  • The Vostok-Europe GAZ Limo is an automatic watch that makes the perfect addition to a fine suit for formal events. Reasonably priced and elegantly designed, the GAZ Limo has a uniquely colored face, somewhere between bone and champagne, and features movement technology from Seiko Epson. It is also the first power reserve model from Vostok-Europe and includes more than 40 hours of power reserve. This is the perfect watch for any man who appreciates the traditional style of a wound watch in a brilliant package.
  • The Vostok-Europe Almaz is the perfect choice for any man who wants a watch built for the outdoors without sacrificing aesthetics for functionality. The Almaz automatic watch with leather strap features an intimidating bronze face with a K1 crystal, which provides incredible shatter and scratch resistance with anti-reflective coating. This is a limited-edition model, and each watch comes with individual numbering.

Vostok-Europe isn’t the only brand you’ll find on R2A Watches. We also carry watches from other leading European and Russian watchmakers, including Sturmanskie, DeltaT, and Poljot watches.

Sturmanskie Watches

Looking for a great watch for the football fan in your life? The Sturmanskie Gagarin 2018 Championship Football Edition features beautifully handcrafted precision with a commemorative football inlay. The Sturmanskie Open Space 24-Hour S model watch commemorates the first spacewalk of Alexi Leonov. It features a 24-hour military-style numbered face, super luminova luminosity technology, and a full titanium case. It’s the perfect choice for anyone who regularly attends business meetings or black-tie events. Sturmanskie watches are some of the finest quality watches to ever come out of Russia and are sure to please the men on your holiday gift-giving list.

DeltaT Watches

Do you have a man in your life who is a history buff or someone who appreciates the functional simplicity of the past? The DeltaT SoRa World War II-style automatic watch is a perfect choice. This watch aims to capture the essence of the pilots who flew during World War II, featuring the look of a pocket watch with multiple strap options.

Are you buying a watch for your retired father who spends his free time golfing, hiking, and spending time outdoors? Or are you purchasing a watch for a young professional who is always working and traveling for business meetings? The right watch can not only look incredible but also provide reliable, elegant functionality in a variety of situations.

Watches are one of the best gifts to give the men in your life this holiday season. Visit R2A Watches to browse a wide selection of amazing options from the leading European and Russian designers and start thinking about which watches would be best for the men on your holiday list this year.

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