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Our New Old Stock Watch Collection (NOS) grows out of how many years we have worked with these brands. 

We have built up a collection of one watch here and one watch there over the years and we know how to buy up the last of what brand has to offer. All our NOS watches are covered by the same warranty and are in new condition. 

We put imperfects in another category. All NOS watches are covered by the same warranty. 

This is a great opportunity to pick up watches that are no longer manufactured or one you missed when they were readily available. 

Almost always we have only one unit in stock. At most two. So if you see a watch you like today that you don't pick up, it will probably be gone tomorrow. This is not about any one brand. You will find Vostok-Europe, Aviator, Buran, Sturmanskie, Tsikolia, Denissov and many others moving in and out of this category.

16 Item(s)

16 Item(s)