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The Radio Room from Vostok-Europe was first built exclusively for the North American market.

The idea grew from Craig Hester’s love of the original Vostok Radio Room watches. These classic timepieces had always been coveted by collectors of Russian watches. Hester knew that Vostok-Europe would put their own particular spin on the watch to create something entirely new and they did not disappoint. Based originally on the N1 Rocket case, the watch is a distinct departure from that iconic Vostok-Europe watch. The color combinations are strikingly new, with a few exceptions where the traditional red and white were used.

The Radio Room watch story goes all the way back to the Titanic disaster. In fact, the first models came out in 2012 at the 100 year anniversary of the Radio Room Act. Many things contributed to the Titanic disaster (might be easier to say what didn’t go wrong). One was the difficulty of the radio room operators to get through all the radio chatter to get the SOS out. There were no mandated radio silence periods at the time. The Radio Room Act of the International Maritime Commission corrected that, creating 3 minute radio silence periods. At first they were only at the top and bottom of the hour, and then later a period at every quarter hour was added. The distinctive pie pieces on the watch dial are the periods where only emergency flash traffic can be transmitted.

The full dark wedges allow speech and the lighter or dotted areas only allow Morris code. The watch also has two time zones, 200 meter water resistance, an exhibition case back and can come with leather, silicon or bracelet. All Radio Room watches come with a Vostok 32 Jewel Russian movement.

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5 Item(s)