Task Force Marauder by VE


Official watch of US Army Medevac Unit Task Force Marauder. And you can own one too!

Special opportunity for a custom Vostok-Europe built for Task Force Marauder, a U.S. Army unit in Afghanistan. This watch has a caseback with the inter-unit emblem for the unit and the Apache helicopter they fly on the dial and their motto.

TF Marauder provide medevac, air transportation, over-watch support, and forward arming and refueling point operations for the Train, Advise, and Assist Command - West to assist with ground missions in the region. 

"We've been providing situational awareness and attack assets to the troops on ground," said U.S. Army Capt. Lucien Lapierre Jr., TF Marauder, 1-151st Attack Reconnaissance Battalion, Bravo Company commander and AH64 Apache pilot. "We provide them eyes in the sky to tell them where the enemy is so they can safely make movement on the ground."

In addition to the attack helicopter assets providing protection to the ground troops, TF Marauder also utilized CH47 Chinooks to transport the troops to and from their missions in the area, as well as medevac assets to provide medical aid and transportation for any casualties. There were also UH60 Black Hawk helicopters on standby to act as a quick reaction force, if needed.

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