VE are ONE. The Vostok-Europe crowd design project

VE are ONE. The Vostok-Europe crowd design project

Posted by Craig Hester on May 18th 2020


Have you ever wanted to be a watch designer? Or a least have a real impact on what the next watch you pick up will look like? Then you have come to the right place!

Vostok-Europe is launching the VE are One program. It will give Vostok-Europe watch fans from all over the globe the chance to play a big part in decided the core elements of a special VE watch to be built this year. Polls and feedback will determine the watch case used, the watch dial color, the watch movement and what the watch's full package will include. This is going to be a lot of fun!

Vostok-Europe is proud and humbled by the deep affection collector's have for the brand and to show solidarity with our great customers we are participating in this fantastic project. The best place to keep up with all the info is our closed group Vostok-Europe Timepieces or VET. All the North American polls will be conducted there.

Here is the order in which the selections will unfold:

Production will start as soon as all the votes are in. Join us. VE are ONE!


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