Unleash Your Passion: R2A Watches Introduces the Core Fury-2 Automatic GMT Watch

Posted by Abe Weiss on Jun 25th 2023

Unleash Your Passion: R2A Watches Introduces the Core Fury-2 Automatic GMT Watch

R2A Watches is thrilled to announce the addition of an exciting new model to our ever-evolving collection. We now carry the dynamic and vibrant Core Fury-2 Automatic GMT Watch, available in an enthralling palette of five bold colors.

It all began in a seemingly ordinary bar, where a bartender's Mickey Mouse watch and a too-familiar glow of Instagram notification sparked an epiphany in two onlookers, Kerim and Stephen. They realized society was bound by the invisible chains of digital servitude. This ignited a fiery passion within them to create something tangible, something real that would inspire individuals to truly live in their moment. Thus, Core Timepieces was born.

The Fury-2 is the exhilarating second iteration of the acclaimed Fury line and is a prominent star of the 2023 Spring collection. With its rich features and bold aesthetics, it has firmly established itself as a "Spec Monster" within the industry.

Powering this beast is the tried and tested Seiko NH34 automatic GMT movement. Encased in a rugged brushed titanium shell, the Fury-2 boasts a 120-click bi-directional bezel and a domed sapphire crystal that encapsulates a unique flame-engraved dial. Remarkable lume on its hands and dial ensures visibility even in the darkest hours, while the convenient lumed date window adds an extra layer of practicality.

The Fury-2 offers a quick-release titanium bracelet that perfectly complements the watch’s aggressive stance. But for those seeking a softer touch, the package also includes a Barton Elite silicone strap. Offering 300 meters of water resistance, the Fury-2 confidently accompanies you on any adventure, whether on land or at sea, and enables tracking of three different time zones.

The Fury-2’s bold colors and the harmonious combination of its engraved flamed dial with the brushed titanium case are a heartfelt homage to the raw energy of hot rods, the rebellious allure of tattoos, and the invigorating, endless nights spent tinkering in garages. It encourages you to let your inner passion burn bright, command attention, and arouse curiosity wherever you are. It is a striking watch that firmly takes control, irrespective of the timezone.

Choose from five electrifying variants - pink, purple, green, blacktop, and orange - and let your watch be an expression of your fiery individuality.

At an attractive price of $539, the Core Fury-2 Automatic GMT Watch is not just a timepiece- it's a statement. A statement that echoes the founders’ original vision - inspiring people to be in the moment, to let their passions burn hot, and to live their lives on their own terms. Grab yours today at R2A Watches, and let your passion take the helm!

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