Top 10 Reasons to Own a Vostok-Europe Watch

Top 10 Reasons to Own a Vostok-Europe Watch

Posted by Craig Hester on Dec 22nd 2017

All of the Vostok-Europe watches we carry can be found through this link.

Top 10 Reasons to Own a Vostok-Europe Watch from

When you wear a Vostok-Europe watch it tells the world you are ready for anything. 

But a Vostok-Europe is about more than just taking punishment in extreme conditions. 

Whether your office is the highest peak, the deepest depth, on Wall Street or any street, a Vostok-Europe brings more to your wrist than timekeeping.

Here are the top 10 reasons you should own a Vostok-Europe watch or take pride in the own you already own.

1. Every element of a Vostok-Europe watch is 100% custom designed and built.

Vostok-Europe doesn’t do anything “off the shelf.” They have their own in-house design team led by Kosta Markin. They start with a blank slate and finish with a complete watch.

From crystal to case back, from buckle to lug and from bezel edge to bezel edge, the Vostok-Europe watch is not your everyday watch.

Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, Markin and his team bring a distinctive eye to the design process you simply won’t find in comparable Swiss, German or Japanese watches.

A Vostok-Europe watch is at once distinctively from the brand, with a signature look, yet each model has its own distinct presence. When you wear a Vostok-Europe watch you can be assured it doesn’t fit any mold.

Pre Patina Bronze Vostok-Europe Energia

2. Every Vostok-Europe watch has a story.

Vostok-Europe doesn’t just tell the time, it tells the history of Eastern Europe, its Soviet past and the achievements of those from there who live for going to extremes.

From the world’s fastest submarine the Anchar, to Earth’s largest booster rocket the Energia, to a team of explorers who braved a floating ice station from the North Pole in the 1930s, the stories of Vostok-Europe will take you to places no other watch can go. 

Kosta Markin hones in on the smallest details of his inspirations and builds a watch around them. It could be the stages of rockets or dial clocks of famous limos. Whatever it is, Kosta creates a timepiece that inspires.

Almaz_600x847mm3. Every Vostok-Europe watch is hand assembled in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Vostok-Europe doesn’t leave anything to chance and they don’t trust anybody but their own team of 7 watch makers to construct their watches.

With more than 120 years of combined experience, these committed technicians won’t accept anything less than excellence.

Vostok-Europe Watch Assembly Floor, Vilnius Lithuania

4. Every Vostok-Europe undergoes a 32-point inspection process before shipping.

Vostok-Europe won’t let a single watch leave their Vilnius facility until they are positive it is ready.

The process starts even before the assembly of the watch begins when the movement is tested. Each individual component is inspected under a jeweler’s loupe to make sure it meets exacting standards. 

Vostok-Europe won’t let a single watch leave their Vilnius facility until they are positive it is ready. 

The process starts even before the assembly of the watch begins when the movement is tested. 

Each individual component is inspected under a jeweler’s loupe to make sure it meets exacting standards. 

For mechanical watches, the inspection process includes a trip in the world’s largest watch winder, which can wind up to 1000 automatic watches at once. 

These watches are also tested in a 6-position timegrapher for accuracy and all go through stringent water-tightness tests. 

You can be assured your Vostok-Europe watch doesn’t leave the factory without being thoroughly inspected and ready for action.

Vostok-Europe Watch Testing Vilnius Lithuania

5. Vostok-Europe knows how to illuminate a watch Period.

Vostok-Europe knows that for watches built for going to extremes visibility is paramount.

Vostok-Europe uses the latest, state-of-the-art luminous technologies to achieve this. Most of the higher-end dive watches from the collection utilize tritium-tube technology.

These laser-sealed glass tubes are constructed by MB Microtech of Switzerland and use radio luminesce and a substance called tritium to provide constant illumination.

Tritium tubes never need charging in UV light to glow and last up to 25 years.

But Vostok-Europe isn’t satisfied to just use this technology like any other watch company.

They are constantly looking for new ways to maximize the light. This includes the unique style of standing up the tubes on the chapter ring of the watch in reflective candle holders for 360-degree illumination.

One model, the Energia, has the tubes in v-shaped holders for a similar effect.

And in watches where tritium isn’t used, Vostok-Europe only accepts Superluminova brand luminous material from Switzerland; the best in the industry.


6.  Vostok-Europe isn’t Swiss. That’s right, we said it.

One of the top 10 reasons to own Vostok-Europe watches is because they are NOT Swiss.

Why? Because Vostok-Europe is free to source movements and components from all over the globe and not be tied to trying to achieve a Swiss-made label marking.

In fact, you won’t find ANY country marking on a Vostok-Europe, even Lithuania. Vostok-Europe is about the watch and not where it is built.

It is about the story. It is about functionality. It is about quality and styling. It is about anything but location.

Don’t misunderstand that. Vostok-Europe is proud to be Lithuanian and most of their brand ambassadors are Lithuanian as well.

But building the right watch with the right components is more important to them than any country of origin.

7. Vostok-Europe has some of the most amazing brand ambassadors for their watches of any brand on Earth.

Jurgis Kairys is arguably the greatest living aerobatic pilot.

Benediktas Vanagas braves the Dakar Rally with his loyal team every year.

Big Z is quite literally the world’s strongest man.

And the Scott Free boat racing team from the USA holds more than one world record.

And this doesn’t even speak to the world free diving champions who wear Vostok-Europe and spelunkers who brave the deepest caves on Earth.

When you wear a Vostok-Europe you are in amazing company.

Vostok-Europe Brand ambassador Jurgis Kairys

Vostok-Europe Brand Ambassador Benediktas Vanagas

8. Vostok-Europe knows how to make straps and bracelets for watches. 

We challenge anyone to compare the straps of Vostok-Europe to the highest-end brands that cost multiples more.

And it isn’t just that the straps and bracelets are of the finest quality, it is also the wide array of options on almost all models.

There is leather, silicon and nylon for nearly every model and bracelets for many others.

And these are thick, heavy-duty leather straps with a pre-aged construction that makes the straps instantly comfortable on the wrist.

No break-in period is needed.

And for the bracelets, no folded end links or hollow main links are acceptable – only solid stainless steel, with most being the multi-link construction for the most comfortable wear possible.

9. Vostok-Europe uses only the most rugged components in their watches. 

Every watch case is constructed of surgical-grade stainless steel, marine-grade bronze or titanium.

Vostok-Europe NEVER uses plated base metal like brass in their watches or polycarbonate.

All crystals are extra thick K1 mineral to provide the optimum in scratch and shatter resistance.

Most crystals are thicker than the bracelets on most watches.

Movement holders are metal and not plastic and the bulk of the models are 200-meter water resistant or deeper, which is professional dive quality.

Only top-grain leather, nylon or silicon will be combined with a Vostok-Europe watch and the bars that hold most of the straps in place put simple spring-loaded pins to shame.

Check out our videos on R2AWatches. We show every part of the watch. There is nothing hiding behind the dial and case back of a Vostok-Europe but quality.


10.   Vostok-Europe only sources the finest and most interesting movements from Japan, Switzerland and Russia.

You will never find a simple, three-hand quartz movement in a Vostok-Europe watch.

The team is constantly on the lookout for new and innovative movements to make them the workhorses of their watches. 
In fact,

Vostok-Europe has become a testing ground for Seiko Epson and Seiko Instruments
, with three movements to date being released to Vostok-Europe as the first non-Seiko branded watch to try these engines before being offered wide.

All automatic movements from Vostok-Europe are either
Seiko Epson, Seiko Instruments or the original Vostok 32-jewel decorated, multi-complication engines from Russia. 

And when it comes to quartz, Vostok-Europe will use only the best, sturdiest quartz movements that have mechanical parts and jewels – yes jewels – with multiple functions that leave little to be desired.

These are just the top 10 reasons. There are many other reasons to own a Vostok-Europe watch. Find your own reason at today.

All of the Vostok-Europe watches we carry can be found through this link.

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